Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jewelry Before & Afters

People always ask me at shows what each piece of jewelry is made 
from so I figured I would post some before and afters.

It's hard to believe that this shiny beautiful piece came from this: 

This is the part inside the cash register that you would use a key to adjust the 
numbers for the receipt to print.

I believe these guys were weights for when you pushed the buttons
and the pop up pieces would work. But I could be totally wrong.
Anyway, I made quite a few necklaces out of them like the piece 
below that I soldered together.

The cash register was in rough shape when I got it.
I still have this bell. I can't decide what to do with it yet.

These were the vintage erector set pieces when I first got them. 
I couldn't even tell what kind of metal they were until I 
polished them up.