Friday, December 30, 2011

iPhone Photos

Recently I got an iPhone. I absolutely love it. I have an entire page full of photo apps alone. And I have to say I've taken some pretty fantastic images. Here is sort of a photo diary of the past few months.

 Playing with fun apps: Matt on a magazine. 
 Kong on a truck.
 Natasha on a building.
 Me on Vogue! Lol.
 Drawings I did while selling at Rust Belt.

 Royal Oak

 Working on a shoot for Audi.

 Mistletoe Madness
 Matt and Ashlee
 Matt and Jon
 Giant chess at Art Van!
 Shoe addiction

 Christmas shopping
 Parking structure near Commonwealth in Birmingham

 Photo shoot
 Learning video with Matt
 Catching another Steve Taylor show
 Lunch at Mae's with Matt and Tammi

 Santa in Royal Oak
 Morning cuteness

 Italian wedding soup with Penny
 Hanging with the Brits
 Woodbridge Pub with AJ
 CJ's Sandbar with Tammi and Darcy

 Photo shoot in an abandoned movie theater
 New phone case!
 New travel mug.
 Amazing Pistons home opener game 
 Electric blue skinny pants
 So sad
 Hearts in my coffee
 Rainy parking structure in Royal Oak
Parking structure near Commonwealth revisited
 Parents anniversary
 DIA with Alvita
 Pretty girl
 Halloween shinanigans
 Self portrait
 Lil Bros Burgers
 Cheer Offs
 New bright red hair
 Bad ass boots
 My street
 Booth at Rust Belt
 Rust Belt
 Wedding shooting
 Matching purple
 Leon and Lulu's
Noel Night