Sunday, December 26, 2010

How to Transform a Plain Skirt into an Anthropologie Style One

I love the store Anthropologie but rarely can I afford to buy there. And I have a hard time buying something that I know I could do myself. I bought a really nice black skirt at a resale shop for only $1. I already have lots of black skirts so I decided to DIY myself something. I was going to throw away this grey t-shirt but decided to recycle it instead. I cut it into long strips.

Then I twisted the strips and started to coil them.

You can either stitch it as you are coiling it or coil the whole thing and then stitch it all together. There really isn't a right or wrong way to do it as long as your stitches don't show.

It makes an awesome fabric flower. You could use them to make pins, statement necklaces, or headbands like the one below.

I made three of them and pinned them to the bottom of the skirt. Then I hand stitched them on.

Next I placed one of the strips along the bottom hem and pinned it in place. I kept the edge raw and let it curl up a bit.

It was super easy to sew. I used the right edge of the foot on the sewing machine to line up the edge of the black hem and followed it all the way.

And that is all. It probably took me about an hour to do. You could do this to sweaters as well.

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