Thursday, September 30, 2010

Exciting Things Are On The Horizon!

So many things are coming up in the next few months that my head is swimming!! Besides all the holiday shows I have my photos and jewelry (and even a few knitted items) in a new store in Detroit called Goods. They are open now but are also having their GRAND OPENING PARTY (said in a booming loud voice) this Saturday starting at 7pm. Be sure to stop in and take a look around. Not only can you get any design you want screen printed onto tees but they have lots of handmade goodies from local artists too. And the location is great--right across the street from the DIA.

And on that note, I'm going to do a trunk show there Dec. 17th with Heather Hansma and Casey Janowski. I can't wait for that! You can stop in, have some wine, and do a little Christmas shopping.

The Yellow Door

This is a new store that will be opening up in November a few doors down from Catching Fireflies in Berkley called The Yellow Door Art Market. April, the owner of Catching Fireflies, came up with the idea after traveling down to South Carolina and seeing the art markets inside of warehouses. It's going to be the first of it's kind in Michigan and I'm excited to be a part of it. Artists will be renting space and taking care of their area-merchandising, display, etc yet it will be run by Catching Fireflies and will be open year round like a regular store. You know how much fun DIY was? This is just like DIY only available all the time. It will be opening in November--just in time for Christmas shopping. Remember to buy handmade this year and support local!

This is an example of what the finished store will look like. You can see the progress of the store plus cute pics of April and her husband traveling around town to get fixtures and things for it here.

Virtual Tour

Besides catching up on custom orders, creating new jewelry pieces, and photo editing I shot an interesting house a couple weeks ago. This was a million dollar home but had something very unique about it. The homeowner is a big time collector of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, cash registers, and anything else that's vintage and cool. The house was amazing but the garage was seriously breathtaking--and I'm not a huge car person either. It was a 3 car garage FULL (I mean bumper to bumper) of mint condition classic cars, new cars (loved the Porsche), and motorcycles.

What caught my eye was the vintage fire tuck parked in the backyard! I took a lot of photos of it so expect some fine art prints soon.

Senior Pics
Last night I got to shoot my friend's son, Ryan. We started out at a park then went to downtown Royal Oak and shot some in my favorite alleys (yes I have favorites) and ended up at a skate park after dark. I have just started to edit the photos but here are a couple of them.