Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday's Favorites 12/4

Friday's Favorites 12/4
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Berries Bathed In Light Fine Art Photograph $30
Bright Orange and Blue Funky Felted Scarf $80
from LilacPOP

Custom Vans $100
from Amymiwen

Vintage Camera Retro Pop Art Print $4.20
from monstergallery

The Key Striped Sweater Top $25
from MoxieMadness

Perfect Sky Trio The Necklace $30
from alibi

Wood Assemblage , Complex Songbird Collection $275
from dolangeiman

Gloomth Ghost Skirt $95
from Gloomth

Twin Vintage Kodak 35 Camera Shirt $25.99
from Baostudio

SLR Film Camera Pinback Button $1.00
from BarrelofMonkeys

Handspun Tequila Yarn $11.99
from RosyRetro

Dainty Flower Carnelian and Sterling Silver Necklace $42
from LunasaDesigns

Cotylee Tan Thigh High Leggings $20
from Cotylee