Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tags work!

I'm so excited to be picked for one of Etsy's gift guides! My sepia Queen Anne's Lace print got picked. It's so nice to see that all the research and networking has actually been working. I went to one of the etsy virtual labs where they were discussing tags and they said using "mother's day" and "spring" were going to be some they would be pulling from for the upcoming gift guides. So, I re-labeled my listings with them and sure enough it worked! Someone asked them how they picked those and they said they searched through tags.
Make sure you use ALL your tags when you are listing! If you run out of ideas here is a good resource: Etsy Treasury Team Blog. They list alternative tags for colors, textures, etc. And if all else fails, use the state you live in (some people shop local) and your shop name in case someone searches for you and they forget to use the drop down menu to look for shops. Also, if you are a part of any Etsy Teams you can list them. Sometimes they search for members that way to see what they are up to.
How did I find out I was in the gift guide? I checked craftopolis.com. It is a great resource! Not only will it tell you if you are in any treasuries but it also will tell you if you are chosen in any gift guides. Check it every time there is a new treasury slot opening up.
Thanks Etsy! You made my day...my week actually!